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mikey and verity founder of clean kitchen

the clean journey begins...

During the first lockdown in 2020, Mikey had come to a crossroads due to COVID-19, with the virus not only affecting his personal health, but also his previous business. Mikey returned back home to Brighton from London, with the aim to make some lifestyle changes. 

Mikey had discovered the impact that plant-based food had on his health, becoming stronger both mentally & physically. He was inspired to go on a mission to make plant-based food delicious, accessible and mainstream. He took this idea and ran with it, opening Clean Kitchen on Deliveroo only in Brighton, out selling 5 five guys burger sales on its 4th Saturday of opening.  

The brand exploded from his auntie’s kitchen in Brighton, leading to a big move to Chelsea where the brand made its mark on the London scene. 

Mikey soon joined forces with Verity Bowditch, a graduate in BSC Biomedical science & Nutrition whilst being knowledgeable on sustainability, integrating into Clean Kitchen and it’s growth. Verity is also educated around plant-based nutrition with a passion for the protection of animals. The duo quickly started to take over the minds of London with Clean Kitchen. 

Our Vision

The Vision of Clean is to change the future of food, and create plant-based meals & alternatives (not just) for vegans to the nation. Clean is on a mission to provide a quick, easy and clean solution to every meal. 

Our Story

June 2020
Aunty's Kitchen Brighton
Auntys Kitchen Brighton

We rented a small kitchen in Brighton, came up with a menu and launched it on Deliveroo, quickly seeing an impressive demand and realising this could be a real business.

August 2020
Shack on the Beach
clean kitchen shack on the beach

We took on a little site in Brighton and this was where Clean Kitchen started to make its name. This sparked even more inspiration in our founder after seeing the high demand in Clean Kitchen’s offering, pushing him to expand even more.

Aug 2020
Moving to London

It was time to move back to London and, of course, Mikey took Clean Kitchen with him, inspired to bring it to the biggest city in the UK. To do this, Mikey was in need of a business partner who shared the same values as Clean. 

August 2020
Verity Joins Clean Kitchen
verity bowditch joins clean kitchen

Verity joined the business as a partner. Her passion for sustainability and compassion for animals are a constant inspiration and drive the brand ethics and values. Alongside this, Verity is also knowledgeable around plant-based nutrition, as well as sustainability and how to integrate into building a business. 

September 2020
Chelsea & Battersea Launch
clean kitchen chelsea and battersea launch

We decided to launch our first London dark kitchen in Chelsea, which has been growing every week since. We then took a second dark kitchen in Battersea to expand our Deliveroo radius.

November 2020
Opening Boxpark
Clean Kitchen launched in Boxpark Wembley

Clean Kitchen launched in Boxpark Wembley for one day before we were plunged into the second lockdown.

August 2021
Camden Opens
clean kitchen camden open

Camden was the beginning of a whole new Clean Kitchen era. Being our first physical site, this allowed existing customers who loved our food as well as new, curious customers, to experience Clean in all it’s glory for the first time. We curated Clean Kitchen Camden to capture Clean’s vision, for this to be shared with the Clean community. 

January 2022
Peckham Kitchen Opens

Coming soon!

April 2022
Clean Soho Opens

Coming soon!

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