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Carbon calculating

Carbon calculating & carbon neutral meals

Carbon calculating is central to our sustainability framework here at Clean Kitchen. We work with our partners at My Emissions to calculate the carbon footprint of every ingredient that makes up each meal, as well as the cooking and delivery process of each ingredient, in order to calculate the entire carbon footprint of each individual meal.

Depending on how large or small the carbon footprint of the meal is, it is then carbon labelled using our A to E rating through our colour coded leaves (rating A having the lowest carbon footprint and therefore having a dark green leaf marked next to it). By doing this we are now the first vegan food brand to have carbon labelled our entire menu. Our carbon labels can be found next to each menu item, allowing you to see your direct impact on the environment when eating a Clean meal. 

Carbon Ratings:

A = Very Good (very low carbon footprint)

B = Good (low carbon footprint)

C= Ok (ok carbon footprint)

D = Not so good (quite high carbon footprint)

E = Bad (very high carbon footprint)

Carbon Labelling the Deliveroo Menu

Carbon Labels on Deliveroo are shown slightly differently (because we are unable to put our official labels on the Deliveroo menu items). Therefore, coloured hearts have been used to show the carbon footprint of each menu item,

Carbon Label A = Green Heart

Carbon Label B = Orange Heart

Carbon Label C = Blue Heart

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Carbon Labelling the In-store Menu

carbon neutral meal deal

The Carbon Neutral Meal Deals

Keep your eye out for our next carbon neutral meal – Cleans Carbon Neutral Meal Deal! This will include one of our delicious wraps or sandwiches featured in our new Grab & Go line, and a drink of your choice. Again, we will calculate and offset the total carbon emissions of the Meal Deal so that you can enjoy your daily lunch completely conscience free!

carbon neutral meals

We also work to create completely carbon neutral meals. We do this by calculating the total carbon emissions of the ingredients, cooking process and delivery of the meal, and then offset the total carbon footprint of the meal through Ecologi to ensure the meal is completely carbon neutral (soon we will be using our own offsetting partner, ‘The Clean Foundation’ to fund our own carbon-positive projects). We first achieved this in our ‘Happy Planet Meal’, which is Cleans take on the well-known ‘Happy Meal’. The Happy Planet Meal also contains a pocket planet guide, which equips you with easy steps to live a cleaner and more environmentally sustainable life.

clean kitchen works with ecologi
clean kitchen working with my emissions

Clean Retail

Our retail products are not only low in saturated fat and calories, but also have a low carbon footprint too. Our Clean retail products start with the Clean Burger, which has a low total carbon footprint of 0.16-0.20kgCO2e per burger, with an overall carbon intensity of 1.6-2.0kgCO2e/kg.

This has been achieved through considering the entire production process from the procurement of ethical ingredients, to sustainable manufacturing processes and green deliveries of goods to stores around the UK.  

Our retail products to follow will include: fish fingers, chick’n nuggets and coffees. These will also be made considering the same process which puts sustainability at the forefront of our operations.