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One of Clean’s missions is to educate and inspire others to lead a plant-based life by providing insight into how cruel factory farming can be to animals. This way, we can each make our own decision whether or not it is something we support.

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The Compassion Burger
We have teamed up with Compassion in World Farming, a fantastic charity dedicated to ending the cruel practices of factory farming. Please take a moment to read more about it and why it matters here. To kick off the partnership, we launched The Compassion Burger, with all profits going to Compassion in World Farming.
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The Greener Card
We will be thrilled to sponsor a rescue sheep at Margaret Green Animal Rescue farm on behalf of our most loyal customers through our Greener Card loyalty scheme. Earn Greener Points every time you order Clean. Verity's rescue sheep Pumpkin is the mascot of this campaign!


Clean are bringing excitement to sustainability. We have accepted the challenge of becoming carbon neutral which is a huge undertaking, but we want to lead by example so you can enjoy our food with a Clean Conscience. 


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The disaster of food waste is our first area of focus. Any food waste from our kitchens is composted and used to fertilise the Clean Allotment, where we grow the lettuce that you might find in your next Clean meal. 360 degrees! To kick off the partnership, we launched The Compassion Burger, with all profits going to Compassion in World Farming.
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We are in the process of carbon labelling all of our meals, so that we can show you the emissions you have saved by choosing plant-based. For every Clean meal that you eat, our partners One Tree Planted also plant a tree to offset our carbon footprint.
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Clean Kid's Club

We will soon be rolling out a school's scheme to share our learnings with the next generation. For us, thinking about how we can individually play our part to save the planet for ourselves, the species we share it with and our future generations, is awesome.

clean Arts fund

At Clean, we believe in supporting those brave enough to pursue their dreams. The Arts have always been close to co-founder Mikey’s heart. The Arts provide a safe space for people to express themselves and bring joy to the community.

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Equity Discounts
It is significant that our first flagship will be in the heart of London's West End and we hope it will become a hub of creativity and self-expression. Performers will enjoy discounts across all Clean sites.
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Sponsoring The Arts
We are so excited to launch our Arts Sponsorship programme later this year. For every site that we open, we will fund a child from an underprivileged background through performing arts training.