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Effective Waste Management

Waste management is an essential part of Clean Kitchens sustainability strategy. There have been many waste management strategies that have been implemented at our sites and dark kitchens.

clean kitchen smoothies

Menu Design

Our menus have been designed so that ingredients can be repurposed to increase their life-span. For example, one-day old bananas are used as acai toppers and two-day old bananas are frozen for smoothies!).

Made to order systems

All dark kitchens operate their food on a made to order system, so that food is kept fresh and waste is minimised by eradicating a ‘grab and go’ section for food whereby sandwiches and wraps are stacked in fridges. Our Clean Kitchen sites even have a ‘build your own’ section, whereby customers can choose exactly which fillings and toppings they would like on their acai bowls, sandwiches and wraps!

clean kitchen made to order
pastry waste is saved

Food waste is saved with Too Good To Go

Unfortunately, our on-site bakes cannot be made to order due to their longer cooking process. Therefore, if we have any of these left over at the end of the day they are sold on the Too Good To Go app for a discounted price. This means no food is wasted and customers in the local community are left chuffed with a bargain of delicious pastries to enjoy.


Each of our stores and dark kitchens have a rigorous recycling scheme which has been tailored specifically to match their councils waste management scheme. This ensures all recycling is done efficiently and effectively. Waste bins are divided into: glass, paper/cardboard, plastic, cans (or mixed recycling), general waste, and food waste.

recycle properly poster

Recycling poster in Camden/All static sites have this picture “Recycle Properly! Be the change you want to see in the world. Do your part”

Each site has different recycling stickers for their different bins: