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Overall Sustainability

Responsible Procurement

Being sustainable starts with sourcing our food responsibly.

Therefore, all of our food comes from suppliers who guarantee produce is sourced locally in the UK and, where necessary, from Europe. Reducing the food millage of our produce not only means that food is kept fresher, but also means that our food has a low carbon footprint before it reaches our stores.

We are always on the lookout to increase the efficiency of our food suppliers and in doing this we favour local suppliers who are closer and provide quicker deliveries!

Additionally, all non-Clean Kitchen “branded” items which we sell, such as particular bottled or canned drinks, are all vegan and have their own sustainability strategies. It is important for us to support brands which have similar ethos’s to us.

Another way in which we implement responsible procurement strategies is by tailoring our menus to food seasonality. Therefore, fresh dishes use produce which is seasonal to each time of year.

Internal Sustainability Policies

Upon employment, all of our staff are provided with a Sustainability Handbook which outlines the importance of practicing sustainability in the workplace and in their everyday lives to support a healthier planet.

To guide our employees on how to practice sustainability more readily, the Sustainability Handbook covers how they can:

  • limit food waste
  • recycle efficiently
  • save energy at Clean Kitchen sites and dark kitchens.

Employees are also sent a monthly newsletter which provides an overview of company news and the implementation of new sustainability initiatives. Doing this builds employee awareness and engagement on the brands ethos which in turn acts to improve employee-customer engagement. To accompany this, Clean holds a monthly full-team meeting where sustainability initiatives are reiterated and any questions can be answered.

Having our employees support and share the values and ethos of the Clean Kitchen brand is essential.

internal sustainability policies

Employee Wellbeing

Training & Education

Upon job enrolment, employees are provided with training so that they can develop the specific skills relative to their roles. They are also given a sustainability brief which explains how Clean Kitchens ethos and operations are built around sustainability and the importance of maintaining sustainability practices throughout their day to day operations. This ensures new employees are fully equipped for their roles to thrive and progress whilst working at Clean, as well as maintaining company principles. Employees are also entitled to a range of employee benefits in reward for their hard work in helping to run the company.

Employees are offered continual support & are encouraged to speak up if they are experiencing any problems.

Brand Partnerships

As a brand that is highly marketed through social media platforms, brand partnerships are an essential part of Clean Kitchen for events and partnerships.

However, we make sure to only partner with brands that share our values of being both vegan and sustainable. We find it important to support brands which make this conscious effort to operate a green business as it encourages other brands to do the same.

Some of our favourite brand partners include: Tala, Shreddy, Tezing, Evolve Organic Beauty, Endless Wardrobe, Bybi Beauty, Whiteclaw, Hip, Hurr, Trip…. Go and check them out!