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Race to zero

Here at Clean Kitchen, we recognise that sustainability is at the forefront of our business success and growth model. We have therefore made it our mission to set the goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2030, hereby joining the global “race to zero”. To ensure this, we are constantly working to introduce new initiatives, whilst updating our current initiatives, to become more and more sustainable. We consider all operations from the top to the bottom of our business structure, including: packaging, responsible procurement, effective waste management, meaningful brand partnerships and carbon calculating of our meals and products. Additionally, we will soon be introducing the Clean Foundation to the Clean Kitchen Club brand, which will act as Cleans philanthropic arm. 

The Clean brand is built around being as sustainable as possible and learning new sustainable initiatives each and every day. We do this by promoting a sustainable lifestyle, improving on fitness and, most importantly, by eating a plant-based ‘Clean’ diet.

You may ask “why are plant-based diets so important?”…

…Well, plant-based diets are a huge part of living a sustainable lifestyle and by adopting one you can reduce your carbon footprint by 50%. This is because, the livestock sector is the largest human-made user of land; with meat, eggs, dairy and aquaculture production systems using 83% of the world’s agricultural land while providing only 37% of the world’s protein and 18% of the world’s calories! Additionally, by requiring extensive landmasses, animal agriculture is a major driver of deforestation, species extinction, land degradation, pollution and depletion of water resources. Adopting a plant-based diet is therefore essential in the fight against climate change and is an easy way to reduce our individual carbon footprints.

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not (just) for vegans

Here at Clean Kitchen Club, we make this necessary shift easier by providing the plant-based alternatives of all your classic every day meals, so that you can enjoy your favourite dishes completely conscious free! Our broad menu features healthy salads, wraps, acai bowls and rice bowls, as well as indulgent burgers and loaded fries – we promise you will not be missing out! By providing all of these delicious vegan alternatives, Clean prides itself on being “not just for vegans” as we aim to bring plant-based to the mainstream so that even non-vegans can make the easy switch to a more plant-based diet.